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Hey guys,
I've been a long-time Superjet enthusiast/rider but first time poster on any PWC forum. Over the 4th of July weekend my girlfriend and I had our skis out for the first time this year. Mine was purchased new in '96 (it's a '95 701cc model) and has been perfect since, but her '91 I just bought used the winter of '07. It had been in Florida and probably some saltwater in its life, but ran great all summer last year (Washington state, only freshwater) with no problems. She asked me to take her ski for a ride Friday afternoon because it seemed to be having trouble getting on plane. The power delivery on my ride was normal at slow speeds and once on plane all was normal as well, but it seemed to cavitate and really struggle to provide any thrust under throttle trying to plane and took 3-4 seconds to finally pump enough water and plane. I did search with the best keywords I could think of to describe this problem but didn't find any matching threads. If anyone has an idea or a thread that would be helpful I would be most appreciative. Thanks guys!

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