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hello out there....I just picked up a 92 superjet 650 last weekend. the first few days I had it, it started up with one push of a button perfect. I hitched it up to a water source so that I could run It for a little longer and see how things sounded at higher rpms, and I forgot to turn the gas on... so of course it ran dry on fuel pretty quick. Turned the gas on and couldn't get her to start again without some starting fluid, and that has been the case since. I brought it to my cottage to run in the lake, and it runs well once you get it running, but after a few times falling off and restarting it, it just fires quick and quits. if i take it out of the water it will then start....but again not if it sits for a while. Not sure how old the gas was in it, i topped it off with some fresh stuff and that did seem to make some difference but Its still not right....let me know what you think....thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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