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The carb sits on the rotary valve cover / intake manifold. Remove the four bolts (13MM wrench) from the rotary valve cover. Note the front lower bolt is a pain in the ass so remove it first. The rear lower bolt you have to use a socket and ratchet. Once you have all four bolts out carefully and slowly remove the rotary valve cover. The rotary valve is a thin piece of stainless steel you do NOT want this to come off of the engine. So as you slowly remove the rotary valve cover look between it and the engine to be sure the rotary valve stayed on the engine side. If it didn't use a small thin bladed screwdriver to push it back on the engine. If the rotary valve comes off you will need to time the rotary valve IAW the maintenance manual. Once you have the rotary valve cover and carb off you can see that the carb is mounted to the rotary valve cover with two studs, two washers, and two nuts (13MM wrench). Loosen the nuts then pull up on the carb to get enough clearance to remove the nuts. When putting it all back together make sure you didn't lose the o-ring seal for the rotary valve cover.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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