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I have a 93 750ss with the following problem.

If i dont ride it for a week or so when i get it out on the water it wont start. So i take the spark plugs out and they have oil on them:confused:. I spray starter fluid in the motor and wipe the oil of the plugs and it starts right up. Then i wont have any problem with it starting for the rest of the day, starts right up.

So my question is, why does the oil get on the plugs:dunno:? The plugs are pretty old could that be the cause? Could this be a sign that my oil injection is going bad? I have seen the oil injection block off kits but id rather keep the injection, but if its gonna screw up my motor id rather be safe than sorry. I have also noticed a small delay when i give it throttle (.5 a second or so).

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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