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Hi all,

I have owned this 1993 Seadoo Bombardier GTX (3seater 581cc) for 3 years now,

i just put a brand new battery in today (7/5/2019) filled up the 2 stroke oil reservoir and topped off the gas (non ethanol tru Valero).

Took it out to the lake, started it up just fine, went out maybe 150 yards and it started sputtering like it wasnt getting any gas, tried to turn it around, giving it more gas, less gas, nothing worked and it died within 30 seconds of it starting to act up.

There i am in the middle of the lake with a dead jetski, i tried to re-start it but when i did it made a noise i have never heard it make before, it didnt go away and i had to swim it to shore.

I attached a video of the noise when i got back home, it cranks doesnt start, makes this awful noise (squealing like a pig?), not sure whats going on.

Hope to get some feedback and a possible solution, thank you! :)
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