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Hi all new guy here done some lurking but that it.

I got a 94 Sea-Doo GTS that has quit running well. I got it from a neighbor who bought 3 and only wanted one of them, hadn't been registered since 17. It has always seemed slow to get going, had to putz around for a couple minutes and it would snap out of it and work fine until it sat for a couple hours and it would do it again.

Well it is not snapping out of it anymore. I can hold it wide open and it runs about 1/4 throttle. Occasionally snaps out of it for a second and right back. If I slowly let off the throttle it doesn't slow down until about a 1/4. I put a carb rebuild kit in and no change.

Thinking maybe spark plugs? Haven't changed them yet but it just doesn't seem like that will solve the problem. Anything else you all can think of that could be causing this I should check? I am new to working on skis but not new to working on old junk
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