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'94 Kawi 750XI SS bow forced down when riding

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I have a 94 kawasaki 750xi ss.
It has a plastic scoop that directs water into the jet pump, which is siliconed into place. Last summer, the silicone got old and the scoop became loose. I reinstalled it with some marine caulk, but ever since, the jet pump cavitates, and the bow of the jetski is forced downward, which makes it impossible to ride. it is not anything to do with the trim, as even adjusting it makes no difference (either porpoises like crazy or forces the bow into the water, no in between).

I've tried repositioning it multiple times, same result each time.
Impeller looks to be in good condition.

Please help, it's driving me crazy
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I don't recall ever using silicone to glue that wedge/scoop in
place. MarineTex is better suited for the job. And yes there
were problems with cavitation and that pump. You can try
applying a small bead of a high quality (low shrinkage) clear
silicone, ultra silicone onto the rubber pump gasket.

Is the rubber pump gasket missing?

Is it an oem impeller? Kawasaki used some horrible impellers
on the SS & Xi. A Skat trak or Solas impeller for a Stock Engine
is the best replacement.

Bill M.

Be sure to allow the silicone to dry for at least 48hrs before
you ride it.
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