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Ok I have a Monte carlo and the bilge is not wired. I can not figure this out. The switch has two wires one red/purple and one yellow. They run to the electricalbos the red is T'd in to the battery possitive as well as goes to the electrical box there is also a spot for one disconnected wire.(pump i think) the second wire from the switch runs to the electrical box and enters it no T the only loose wire i can see is a whte exiting the electrical box

The only way i can see this working is the pump has positive all the time and so does the top of the switch and when the switch is depressed the tellow wire is entergized and powers a relay to ground the white wire. This would also allow a running motor to ground the white wire to complete the circuit through the relay. The problem is It doesnt work. If my assumptions are correct there is a bad relay in the box.

I do have a manual comming but i need this to work now and dont have a diagram can someone please help.
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