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94 tigershark daytona missing

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I recently purchased 2 Daytona's for my children and took them to the lake for the first time this weekend. Both ski run but one misses and is very slow to plane but once planed seems to run ok in the upper RPM's. I didn't have a new set of plugs with me so I changed them from one ski to the other and the ski ran and planed out good at first then the same story. When I got the ski's home I checked compression and both cylinders had 130# by my guage. I'm not sure if the plugs in the ski are the correct plugs or not any suggestions would be helpful. Also when I first took the plugs out they appeared to be wet from fuel. Could it be a broken reed or the diaphram in the carb?:confused:
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plugs, BR9ES, cap 0.7-0.8mm (0.028-0.031 in)
how old is the gas? if more than one season drain it
fuel filter?

probably wouldn't hurt to rebuild the carbs, and check the reeds at the same time

make sure the kids are legally old enough to operate and have taken a boaters saftey course
tigershark miss

I check the reed valves and they are not fiber they appear to be stainless and in good shape along with all the gaskets. I vacuum checked the carb diaphram and it isn't leaking down. I don't know how old they gas is but smells fine and not stale. The fuel filter isn't clogged either. I'm going to try new plugs and maybe adjust on the carb a little before I decide to rebuild carb. Do you know if these have the popoff valve I have read about in a few places on this site and if so where can I buy the tool to adjust if I end up rebuilding the carb? I rechecked compression and it was right around 140#'s per cylinder not 130#'s and I stated in my orginal post. Thank you for the reply jeepfamily.:dunno: The kids are old enough and have been studying their boaters safety hand book all summer and are getting ready for the big test soon but I want the skis in good shape for when they pass the test. We have always had a boat and still do just not a PWC. Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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