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94 Yamaha wave runner 3 starts runs for a bit then bogs down and won’t accelerate. Please help

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I’ve got a 94 Yamaha wave runner 3. I got from some guy sat for a little. I got it running cleaned the carb, cleared out fuel lines, new spark plugs and made sure there was nothing clogging up the impeller. I turn it on while hooked up to hose runs great but after a little when I go to give it throttle it sounds like it’s maxed out hitting redline. When I let sit with no water going through it revs up just fine but when I go to ride in water it rides for like a min or two then all of a sudden bogs down and only goes forward when idling. Please someone let me know what’s going on.
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Yes it was hitting a redline. The early Yamaha's had a very low
rev-limiter. It is easy to hit on the trailer, and in rough water.

Start by looking for an exhaust or fuel leak. Can't reburn exhaust,
so if it is the problem it will not plane at wot.

Bill M.

Did you ever use any rags to block an exhaust hose?
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