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Recently picked up a 95 900 zxi, needed a little TLC, had it out past few weekends after it had supposedly sat for 5 or so years.

I had a feeling the jet pump was going to need a rebuild soon at low rpm's it sounded kinda sloppy and on the last trip I heard it let go and was making a considerable amount of noise, and around that time I started having this issue.

According to the service manual the red-line is somewhere around 6750, well whenever I go to take off from a stop or a low speed the engine will turn well over 8000 for several seconds until it gets up on a plain. In those several seconds it almost feels like a clutch slipping ( if i were to compare it to something ) Once its on a plain the rpms come back down to about 7200 and that's where they stay. I just found it really hard to believe that the CDI box wouldn't cut the ignition to keep it from over-revving. I know it can't be good for the engine to be turning so high so it all but makes it impossible to flog on it out of the hole.

I just rebuilt the jet-pump housing yesterday and threw it on, all noise / previous issues went away, but it still does this " over-revving " deal. Basically in my little amount of knowledge about pwc's I'm assuming it just needs a new prop ? It was definitely a little ate up after the bearing failure. Just hoping that it doesn't need a new pump housing since apparently they don't sell replacement wear-rings for this model.

Any/All input is appreciated as I have very limited knowledge of pwc's but am an experienced mechanic. 2-strokes really aren't my thing lol.
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