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i have a 95' spx and its not running right. works fine out of water starts up and revs. but when i put it in the water it wont work right. itll idle and accellerate to about 1/4 throttle and then it boggs down after any throttle more than that. then if i hold it for a while, if itll not shut off, itll jump out of the water for a second the almost shuts off. one issue i know i have is the fuel system isnt working right i have the petcock bypassed for the time being. its frozen in off position. waiting for my paycheck so i can get a new one. and i dont think the lubrication system is stock. there is no syck lyncage to the suposed oil injection pump. and i cant seem to see or feel one. very dificult to see if its acctrually thare. also there is an in line to the crank on the carb side and a return line on the exhaust side. also seems to be a oil pump block off plate...i think. idk if the oil system would be an issue with the preformace problem. also there is wat seems to be vaccum lines at the top of the carbs that go to the top of the oil tank. and it has aftermarket flame arrestors. semi k&n lookin things. just a screen tho. also there is no choke, it has a primer...found one on ebay and i guess its supposed to shoot gas directly into the carb. but whare its suposed to hook up is ware the "oil vaccume lines are". this whole thing is very confusing. almost nothing follows whats stock according to the manual. im new to these motors and i cant seem to figure it out. any help will be much appricited. the ski has also been sitting for about 3 years so it took me a while to get it started. had to use about a can of carb cleaner. but it starts right up and idles.
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