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95 tiger900 blogging out

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good day to all of ya. I need some help with a 95 tigershark 900. I got it this summer after it had sat for two or more years. I replaced oil, gas, oil/fuel filters, new plugs, battery. I started it with flush kit about two months ago. Starts great, idles great. In bogs out. it will go great for a little while (10 seconds) then will either stall out or i have to let off the throttle so it will idle. This is right after I put new plugs in. not sure if its from old fuel, or plugs going out quickly. today was the 3rd time i had it on the water. i've gone through alot of plugs. nothing changes. any suggestions. thank you for your time.
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Did you clean the carbs? They may be dirty from sitting even though you replaced the other parts. What do you mean you keep going through plugs...what are they like when you have to replace them?
95 tiger900 bogs out

Well I was told to just replace the plugs to see if that was the problem. Apparently not. I haven't cleaned the carbs. Do you mean taking them apart or getting a spray. I'm planning on emptying the gas tank and cleaning it out the best i can. the gauge isn't working on the for the gas tank so i want to take that out. The speedometer isn't working either. It hasn't since i got it. Any suggestions on the carb cleaning. new to all of this. Thank you for the help!!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't use the spray, you need to tear apart the carbs to get it clean. Pretty sure that's what it is. As for the gas locator and speedometer, I am not sure about TigerShark. I am sure there are schematics around that could help you
make sure no gas fumes are building up in the hull
same with exhaust fumes

rebuild carbs -your carbs are mikuni bn44 (3)
replace fuel lines -old lines breakdown and send junk into the carbs
check compression -should be 120psi

gas gauge is probably a bad sender
speedo has a hose from the back of the gauge to a pitot pickup that you can see right at the jet pump inlet
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