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'95 TigerShark Monte Carlo Overheating

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[email protected]PLEASE HELP! This jetski has had numerous issues since it was turned over and flooded 2 years after it was purchased new. One mechanic that worked on it actually replaced the 770 engine with a 640 without even telling the owner, he was just told they put in a new motor.

Our problem right now is the configuration of the cooling hoses in the system. We can hook up the water hose to the outside connection for flushing and everything works great, runs smooth, no heating what-so-ever. But put it in the water and it overheats in just a couple of minutes. The water pump is good, good pressure from there up to the exhaust, after that is a mystery, not seeing water in the hoses from that point. What we desperately need is a schematic, sketch, or somebody with knowledge of how these hoses are supposed to be connected. It seems like there are an awful lot of them and a lot of splits. Can anyone help?
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