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just bought my first pwc. it starts good but it will stall and bog down.
i had it in the water over the weekend. it was running but if you let off the throttle it would die. i dichanged the fuel filter, cleaned the spark plugs, and the most recent discovory is i took the air box off to see if the carbs weregetting proper fuel. well the front carb is getting great fuel flow but the rear isnt. now here is where i need some help. i called the local parts dealer and they need to know what carbs i have. i can find no idetifying marks on the carbs. im not exsactly sure what model i have. i was told it was a 95 ts 900 daytona. but im not sure. it has twin carbs, and the seat cover says daytona thats about the best i can tell ya for now. any help would be appriciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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