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Noob here, hope this is in the right place.

I have recently obtained an old yamaha 700 wave raider. Sat for 2 years. Previous owner (a good friend) ran Quiksilver oil ( it is a tcw3 or whatever) for years without problems. Is that ok to use? I'm draining it (since it sat for 2 years) and refilling.

Also the oil light comes on under acceleration (i would say hard acceleration but i understand this ski isn't really capable of that). The oil light only corresponds to the oil LEVEL, not the functionality of the oil injection right? Bottle is dernned near full so i'm guessing the float is off. (will be pulling it to check it out soon). There is plenty of 2cycle smoke at idle so i'd imagine the injector is working.

I am ordering an oil injection block off plate... but i kind of like having the oil injection, i'll probably keep it.

Also, i'm ordering a Riva 'drop nozzle kit' as the twist setup on mine is gone, and currently has a bicycle brake/cable working it. This setup any good, or should i order the oem setup (much more $$$).

Also, the 'engine hood' as i would call it is pretty beat up. Is that supposed to be a painted piece, or a gelcoated piece?

Anything else i should know about this old ski?

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