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Hey guys having some trouble getting back on the water

Bought this ski last summer, 95 xp 720. The previous owner put a new engine built by SBT in it and it only has a couple hours.

Here's the thing, took it out last summer and the thing ran awesome for the couple of hours I rode it, even pulled a douple tube with two people inpressively.

Two weeks later I take it out again, put it in the water, don't even get out of the no wake zone and it dies. Re start, as soon as I hit the gas it dies. Will sometimes idle, sometimes fast sometimes slow but once you hit the gas it will die.

I assume its some sort of fuel delivery issue but not familiar with these things and not sure where to start. I've mixed the fuel 40:1 as the auto mixer is no longer used. There is plenty of gas in it. Plugs are good.

Thanks in advance for any help, its getting warm out figured its time to learn to trouble shoot this thing and get some use out of it.

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