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My 96 1100 zxi runs like crap if I open it up more than 1/4 throttle. when I first put it in the water it runs geat for about 30 seconds wide open & then it is like you run out of gas & it dies. I have to wait a little bit to restart it. when it starts back up I can hardly hit the throttle to get it back to the dock or it dies. I put new carb kits in all 3 carbs, reeds, gas cap rubber seal, o-ring on top of tank, fuel filter, checked vaccuum lines & top end. the exhaust had a smal hole in the bottom if it & I had it welded up. The only other thing I can think of is that there is another hole in the exhaust internally and the water is clogging the exhaust & it cannot breathe. I have had this thing for a month & have not rode it yet. Anything els you can think of would help. THANKS... Jason
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