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I have a 96 kawi 750 sts. I need someone to help me figure this out. For anywhere from one hour to as little as five minutes the ski runs fine. Then it goes into what the book describes as a “limp” mode. It detunes itself and will not run over 3000 rpm. According to the manual, there are two reasons for the ski to put itself into limp mode:
1. Oil injection oil is low. (I disconnected that and installed the factory plug on the end of the crank, and plugged the carbs, and I also disconnected the sensor in the oil tank.)
2. Water temp sensor. I believe it to be the sensor on the small hose, coming off the exhaust manifold (I’ve disconnected it).
Afterward, It still goes into limp mode. It is not dropping a cylinder, it runs fine under 3000 rpm, so I don’t believe it is an ignition problem.
Does anyone know of another sensor that would put it in limp mode? Of course it will not do it at the shop, and they found no problem with the ignition.

Thanks in advance :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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