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96' GT X Problems Help a Newbie PLEASE!!!!!!!

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I bought the ski a couple months ago with 71 hours on it. The first problem I had was the engine would start bogging above 5k RPM but not consitantly. I could slow down four or five times then it would take off again like it hadn't happened. I checked the ground connection and retightened them and it seemed to go away. Then the oil pump cap came loose and leaked all the oil out. I was oh shore when the warning light came on so no damage was caused. I fix that and run the water hose to it, no leak and ski runs fine. Take it back to the lake and within a minute it starts missing on idle, I get to open water and it takes off running smooth for about 200 yards and starts booging in all RPM's. My meter read "MAINT" and would only idle.
What do I look at first?
Thank you for your time. Jason
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I would replace the fuel filter. Take of the fuel lines and clean them all out(especially the ones inside the tank). Run some carb injector cleaner through the engine, there might be mineral deposits inside the injectors that a blocking fuel flow. Check/replace the spark plugs. Maybe bad gas, replace that.
Maint. light on means you probably have an electrical problem in that modle! I worked for SEA-DOO for years and we seen alot of regulators and rectifiers go bad on those skis, your ski is going into a fail safe mde because the computer is detecting a problem therefor resticting your RPMs so you can prevent further damage! you need to have it scaned at your local Dealer!! you will spend a fortune guessing you problem! let them diag it then you fix it!
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