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Just bought a pair of locked up GTI's. Ski's looked new which was my downfall. Thought I'd get lucky with a quick top end job. Saltwater woe's. Nothing came apart easily. Someone rolled the head bolt threads into the cylinders and it was impossible to remove bolts. Bought some used cylinders and had to remove the engine on one to get jugs off. Bottom end looks OK but didn't read the manual first and guess where the wrist pin bearings wound up! Looks like splitting the cases for a thorough cleaning and inspection is in order. My question is is it reasonable to assume the pump etc... might be ok? it's very obvious why they stopped running, top ends were fried. Cranks both spin fine and rods look ok. Never had ski's I'm working on years of dirt bike experience. Engines I've got a handle on, everything else is new to me. Should I take the fact that one engine is already out to replace anything else (anything commonly wear out that I can get to easily?) Any pointers on rebuilds would be appreciated as well, such as how to handle that weird clamp I destroyed on the pto bellows, looks like that's a special tool you've gotta have. Thanks, Wayne
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