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'96 GTI Over heating / Sinking

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Looking for some direction on this one. We have a 1996 Sea Doo GTI with less than 100 hours. Used very little as can be seen from the hours and it has never been in the shop except for the fuel tank recall.

After running some 8 miles without any issues, I stopped at the local marina and filled up with gas. Then the trouble began. GTI would not start and acted as if flooded. (Normally it fires up immediately) Finally after 10 minutes of cranking, it fired but with a lot of blue smoke from the exaust. Once it seemed like the flooding cleared, there was very little power to the unit. But then it came up to speed and we were off. Like many people who have owned something for a while, I heard something in the engine compartment that did not sound right. Then the GTI started loosing thrust and with throttle almost wide open, we were going nowhere. Then the overheat light and buzzer started and I shut it down. And then the GTI started down. I flagged a boater and they came along side and we got onto their boat. Looked in the engine compartment and it had about 8inches of water.

Forgive the details, but trying to convey everything that happened and in sequence. Having not worked on this unit before, I assume there is a seal on the shaft that may have been breached and that is where the water came in, but wondering why the unit began over heating. I am hoping this may be limited to shaft, impellor, seal etc. and not engine related. If thrust was lost, would that cause the over heating? Any advise would be appreciated whether I tackle this or move to a dealer. GTI is on a lift and not yet on the trailer, so I have not looked underneather or had a good look at the empellor/shaft area. Thanks...
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could be exhaust leak
I'll run with that but could I ask what I might be looking for? I assume I can start it now that all is cool and if so, would I be looking for water coming from the exaust? If leaking...loose bolts, rust?? I have never had to do more than unstick a stuck throttle linkage on the underside of the engine, so this is new ground to me. Thanks for the advise...
run it on trailer at idle and stick your hand around the exhaust
Progress...I lowered the ski down into the water this evening and water began coming in. I saw where the hose (looking at the engine compartment from the rear) on the left side (not the flush hose) had broken?? loose from the outlet connected to the inside frame of the jet ski. In othe words, the opposite end of that hose which runs into the engine block. It was getting dark, but it appeared to me the hose might have had a molded end...just not sure. Either way, I could not see a way to connect the hose back to anything. It appears to have broken off inside the fiberglass body. The end in question looked to be very dry and brittle. Ideas?? Thanks...
I think I have answered my own question, but if someone can confirm, that would be helpful. The hose mentioned in my previous message is obviously the inlet hose. And the fitting I see on the end of that hose which appeared to enter into the rear hull is actually the end of the inlet fitting from the pump which broke off. assumption is you can't replace that fitting without taking the entire propulsion system (including drive shaft etc) off the ski in order to get to that fitting. Can someone let me gentle!!
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