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This may be two different questions but I have had problems with the ski revving up at take off but not going very fast but then finally getting going, almost like a clutch slipping although I know thats not the case.
The second problem was the starter would'nt turn over. I thought maybe I had a problem with the impellor which may explain the first problem. I could turn the motor by using a pipe wrench on the PTO without much effort, so I thought nothing was in a bind. I jumped the battery using a car battery and the motor turned over but wouldn't start. I took a spark plug out to see if it was firing and the motor started right up with that plug out. Put it back in and it wouldn't start again. Took the other plug out and again it fired right up. It acts like it has too much compression with both spark plugs in. Either way somethings not right. Anyone have any ideas?
Update: Now it won't start at all and both plugs are firing and they are wet when taken out. I took the pump out to check the shaft, so the impellor is not part of the not starting problem. This just gets worse!!
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