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I was driving my kawa last year and it died on me in the middle of the lake. No lights went off for temp or oil and it was pouring water as I was driving. It sat for the rest of the year but attempts were made to get it running. I took the carb apart to find that the pumpcase on the side of the carb was bad. I bought a new one and if you pour gas in the carb it will run, but will not idle as it will shut off. The fuel filter will fill up with gas and then as the motor is running it will use up all the gas in the filter and will shut off for lack of gas. The carb is spraying gas as you increase the throttle but it not refilling the fuel filter allowing it to take in more gas. I am stumped can someone please help me, I have went all over the service manual and can not seem to see anything wrong with the carb, and I dont know which direction to go to next
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