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hi all new to the forum i need some advise, i have a 96 750 ss been running fine all summer last time to the lake i rode for four hours with no probs then it just died on me, would only run at idle speed and not good there, thought i had a clogged fuel filter so i took the entire fuel system apart minus the carb, cleaned the filters in the tank cleaned the fuel pick up and the petcock all fuel lines put a new inline filter on , put it all back together added new fuel with a can of seafoam in gas to help clean the carb, took it back to the lake and it ran great for about a hour and half over a half a tank of fuel then it just died again only run at idle speed, when i got back to the boat ramp i loaded it up and took the seat off and there was some smoke in the hull i think it might be over heating , would this cause it to shut down, cant think of any thing else, the fuel gauge doesnt work so im assuming the temp light might not either cause it didnt come on but im sure it was hot. any advise would be great dont know where to start . thanks
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