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Similar issue with my 97 Zxi

I know this thread is four years old but I am having a similar problem with my "new" 97 Zxi 750. I was dumb enough to buy this without doing a lake test. Only saw it run out of the water hooked up to a hose and it ran fine. Finally got it on the lake today with my daughter and when I opened it up after we left the no wake zone..... NOTHING. I doubt it was running 10 MPH.

Got it home and hooked it up to the hose again (I did this today before I took it to the lake to make sure it started up and ran good before I hauled it to the ramp). Engine will rev up nice out of the water but it is a DOG in the water.

Got up underneath it and the propeller is spinning fine and blowing water out the back so not sure that is the problem. It appears the trim is not working but it should run better than 10 MPH at ANY trim setting shouldn't it?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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