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My kawasaki was running great two weeks ago at the lake. My buddy jumped on for a ride after I just brought it back and was gone 5 minutes and I waited for around 30 min and he was towed back in as the ski would not start. I jumped on the ski and it cranked and I tried to run it but it would only go up to 10 mph and shut off. I waited a few minutes and started it again it then cranked ran for bout a min and shut off again. I took it back home and messed with it and all it wants to do is spin over but it will not fire. I was told by a fellow friend to see if it was the push start button and I took the kill switch off and held the button for the time he suggested and still no luck. I took my spark pluggs out and bought new ones though they were only a year old. I have looked around the entire hull of the boat and no loose wires are present and my friend suggested to pull the pluggs back out to see if it was getting gas, this was done and gas was present on the pluggs. My buddy then had me fire the ski but the wires did not spark. Could I need new plug wires and a coil or could this all becoming from the coil pack. And if the coil pack is bad is it true you have to buy a new one or go inside the pack and repair the wires that have gone bad. Plz help Im in desperate need of some answers as Im ready to be back on the water. Thanks....
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