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96 Kawi 1100zxi - fuel filter and water separation filter with sediment bowl?

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I have a 1996 Kawasaki 1100zxi that has had performance issues 5 in-water hours after having carbs professionally re-conditioned and a professional pre-season service. I siphoned off the gas and found shellac-like gel strips in my siphon hose. I'm guessing its gas gone bad over the years. I figured my fuel filter should be catching that stuff. I searched thoroughly for a fuel filter in-line with the gas supply to the carbs. Couldn't find one. It seems insane to me that these performance PWCs wouldn't come with a fuel filter. It also seems odd to me that the repair technician didn't flag this for me when doing the pre-season and cleaning the carbs + replacing the tiny carb filters. Is it normal to not have a fuel filter?

My manual mentions that "some models" have a fuel filter and also that "some models" have a water separator with sediment bowl. My question is, can I use a generic in/line filter that fits the sizing of my gas supply hose (something I can pick up at an auto parts store), or do I need a specialized Kawasaki part? If I need a specialized part, what is it for my model, as I'm having trouble finding a match on-line? Also, I'd like to know if my model originally came with a water separator. Should I get one? And does it go in-line with the fuel supply hose before or after the fuel filter?

Thanks for any experienced thoughts on this.

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