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96 Polaris SLT780 thinks fuel tank is empty.

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Hi. First time poster looking for some help. I've got a 96 Polaris SLT780 that will occasionally act like it's out of gas even though there is plenty of fuel in the tank. I will be riding along fine, and then suddenly, the MFD blinks red and shows "FUEL" and the machine will sputter and stop as if it has run out of gas. Within a minute or two, the MFD fuel gauge will climb back up to near full and the machine will run fine again.

I initially suspected a problem with the MFD, but since the engine actually sputters and stops as well it has to be more than that.

Anyone have any ideas?

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On that model there is no reserve in the fuel tank..and so the computer is set to stop you from increasing your rpms so that you can conserve the fuel that you have left..It does the when it hits 1/8 of a tank..This is caused by the float on in the gas tank...they are bad for getting water logged and staying down,then your puter thinks 1/8 tank and limits your rpm to get you home slow...Your float must be sticking here and there.
Summer has returned here in Minnesota, so I'm finally back on the water with my 96 Polaris and am still seeing the problem.

Is there any way to correct it? I'm guessing that getting at the float in the fuel tank is nearly impossible.

Are there alternative remedies such as disconnecting the float?(realizing I'd lose the ability to electronically monitor fuel level.. but if that 'fixes' the problem then ok)

Thanks for any suggestions.
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