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96 Sea Doo XP, not sure what size motor but the title has 42 hp on it, it is a 2 cylinder Rotax motor #4741066.

The starter wont turn the motor over so I took it apart. The Bearings and brushes are good and it is very clean inside with no sign of heat damage. I found that it only has two brushes positioned at 90 degrees apart?? I have never seen this, it seems they usually have 4 brushes at 90 apart and motors I see that do only have two brushes have them at 180 degrees apart. Can someone tell me if this is correct. The way it is made, it looks like it could have another plate that holds two more brushes. This thing has incredible compression, I will need all the torque I can get out of the starter.

The guy I bought it from mixed the gas and oil because he was told the oil injection system was not working. However, the injector pump is still on the motor and the lines are still connected. Can I leave this all on the motor and just mix the gas? I was told that I still have to put oil in the res. for rotary valve lubrication, is that correct?

Thanks, Kevin
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