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My 96 seadoo gsx runs great at idle and when it's first dropped in the water. When I take off and go full throttle, I can run at 6,700 to 6,750 rpms. While the motor gets warm, (driving about 15 to 30 mins) I start to lose rpm. It will drop slowly from 6,700 to as low as 5,800. But, I can run 5,800 at half to maybe 3/4 throttle. When I give it full thottle the rpms go up and down untill I let off the throttle some to about half way. I've been told that it is most likely a over heating or air fuel mixture problem. But, the temp light has never came on while driving and it has never gotten really that hot when I inspect the motor. I would like to know what yall think and does any body know the correct setting for the idle adjustments are on both carbs and the adjustment for the fast idle or high speed adjustment screws. Those screws move in notches a certain distance from left to right. And located on top of carbs whre the are accessable with out taken the intake box off. They were set in the middle when I took the carbs off to inspect for problems. But I really didn't find any thing wrong with them. But I don't know much about carbs. I'm a automobile technician that starting working with fuel injection vehicles and never had a car come in with a carb problem so I could learn more about how they truly do their magic. Any way, also I noticed and don't know if this is working correctly. But, when I adjust the idle screw on the right carb, (the one closest to the front) the rpm change a good amount. But when I adjust the carb on the left, I can keep turnig and turning in either direction. And there is only little rpm change. I would like to know if there is something wrong the left carburetor. Please help me out if you can and thank you!!!!!
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