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I bought a sl900 polaris that will not go over 40 it bogs out after that . out of the water it starts ,idles and runs great up to 35000 rpms ,then starts missing, stuttering and shaking. the previous owner said he had the stator change 3 yrs ago. the ski has only 45 hrs. there is probly only 8 hrs on the new stator. I did some tests on the stator and it shows that the purple and black wire has 8 ohms ,the specs say it should have 1250 ohms, all coils checked fine. I did see that the cdi box was the new updated version that comes with the updated stator kit. I asume the staor was an updated unit also. Is it possible that this could have went out again or do I have a different problem. the service techs tell me that a ski will not run at all if the stators bad,is that true, hope someone can help me out here, I cant afford to take it to a service shop, but I can do the work my self with a little teck help. someone please help thanks. Compbodies
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