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After a full hard day at the lake and the Jet-ski running great when I opened the plug in the back oil came pouring out, the hull was filled with it, which would explain why we went through a full tank of oil in one day at the lake.

The problem was the T on where the oil return/sensor/pressure check came out of the tank and oil was spilling over. I got it back where it belongs and it doesn't appear to be leaking any more.

My question is though, I found 2 shredded rubber pieces in the hull when I was cleaning out the oil and have no idea where they came from. It looks like it might have been 1 piece that came apart but like I said I dont know where they came from or what tore them apart. Pics attached. Please help me figure this out. Is it supposed to be part of the seal or is it a second issue I have to check on?


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