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I have a 96 Seadoo XP that is having issues. The first thing is it will fire up but when you accelerate, it will respond and then back off, repsond, slow down, etc. I don't know if something is restricting gas, etc. Hoping someone here can recommend what to look at. I swapped out the year old spark plugs with brand new plugs and the issue did not improve, think it actually got slightly worse. I took out the new and put in the old. The jet-ski responded slightly better. The new plugs were immediately caked with dark oil, seems like too much oil, both plugs were hot. Only ran for 5 minutes or so with these. Also, for some reason, the jet-ski would not run well on the main gas line. It would bog down so we had to run off the auxillary line and it ran fine. Now both respond this way. Please help, maybe a regular tuneup is needed. This is basically the first time used this year. Thanks.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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