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Hey guys some of you might have seen my other posts in regards to my Wave venture 1100 which i eventually got running great for a day and then nothing but trouble since.

SO here is what happened, after rebuilding the Carbs twice once with non-OEM parts and once with OEM parts, replacing the fuel filter, cleaning a bunch of crud out of the fuel tank and lines, and a new battery i had a running working jetski

I took her out on the water and had her running great for 2 hours up to full speed only alittle hesitation at first but after some time purring like a kitten.

Took her out of the water washed her and a day later went to start her up... and NOTHING crank crank Nothing...
After a few attempts and alittle starter fluid ROUGH Start stall, couple more repeats got it running but roughly something just sounded off to me.

I took her back to the water and couldnt get any where shed run in the water but as soon as id throttle shed stall.
removed the plugs the middle cylinder seemed oil but didnt smell like gas my assumption was the carbs must have been clogged from sediment in the tank i wasnt able to remove that shook up during the first run on the water.

So fusterated i took her home took the carbs out cleaned them put them back in it seemed to be running better but still not 100% my thinking is i need to rebuild them again and do a deep cleaning.

Ive read other posts with people discussin similar problems and modifying the carbs i dont want to go that route i just want advice on check points and considerations ideas and past problem solving at this point i have to much time invested i want this Ski back out on the water for some fun in the sun.

LASTLY what size fuel line do i need for this ski i believe its quarter inch line but what i find doesnt really seem to match up and suggestions?
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