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Its difficult to do, but you can take the tank loose, remove the fuel line and filler tube and tilt it clockwise and forward from the front and remove the gauge sender. You gotta move it forward enough to get the top of the gauge to go up into the steering section.... I did this and checked it all out with at Ohmmeter and I checked out good. I hooked it to the ski and moved the little floats and it read correct on the digital gauge (1999 STX 1100). The problem is the two bottom floats don’t float in gasoline with the little magnet washers attached. The magnets are necessary for the thing to read correctly.. You may have to buy a new one $$ or just jump the wires where it connects and rely on the reserve tank when it quits. If you jump the wires it will read full all the time, but the digital stuff will work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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