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97 1100 ZXI hot cylinder

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I'm a newbie to this forum and checked some posts after my son swamped my Jet Ski (97 1100 ZXI). :( Got all the water out and the engine running, but it will NOT idle. It shuts down under a rough idle, or any less than 2500 RPM.

Noticed that only the front cylinder gets very hot after running for 15 minutes with cooling hooked to garden hose. I have two theories:

1. Cooling system blocked to front cylinder
2. Extreme friction in front cylinder causing overheating, due to ???, I'm afraid to ask and probably expect an engine re-build or worse.

Any suggestions from an experienced motor head?
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Not sure I have an answer but I have a 2000 ZXi 1100 that just ate the middle cylinder. I have heard talk about the oil injectors going bad on these skis, which may be my issue. In your case I wonder if it could be a carb issue or plugged water passage? If its running lean, its going to run hot. Hope you dont have to do a rebuild!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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