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Last year I bought a used 98 zxi 1100, and after about 3 times out, it had an electrical meltdown, the black wire from the igniter harness all the way up to the stator completely fried. I replaced igniter, stator, and all wires damaged. The ski started right up, and I promptly sold it. A few weeks ago, I found a pristine 97 zxi 1100. I Rode it about 3 times, and the fourth time out, it tried to turn over, and then nothing.. dead. Smelled a burning smell, and then started looking around, and I could not believe it! The same melted wire harness as the 98!!! I just ordered all the same parts, 700.00, but what caused this? and is it going to happen again? I love these ski's, very fast (65-68 mph) But I'm ready to give up on them. Anyone heard of this?
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