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I purchased a 97 Sea Doo GTX 1 owner. It sat for two years without being ran. When I run it - it takes off with full power hits 7000 than loses power on plane. Will do the same thing over and over again. Gets worse when runs at low speed. Only topped out at 30 mph. Guy said it would do 55 all day long.

Sea doo mechanic at local shop said it sounds like filters in carb has junk in them. I have drained the fuel tank (full of junk). Cleaned the carbs, (could not find the filters the sea doo mechanic told me about in the carb) changed main fuel filter (full of junk!) and spark plugs. Any suggestions?And does anyone have a diagram of the carbs so I can locate those filters? I am at a loss, frustrated. Really know nothing about the carbs on these skis.

ANY help is appreciated This sea doo is in top shape except for this issue. Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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