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Hi I would like to start off this website has been very usefull and alot of members has some great advice on starting a engine that doesnt work. WeLL

History 2weeks ago
First the engine is newly rebuilt so i would told and hasn't been broken into. I went to break it in about two weeks ago. I crank it right up let it idle anyways it had no power while riding i never went ova 20%throttle. I stop the engine to make sure there was no water and there it was water about 2inches. Cluess for awhile i realize to open the drain plugs and let the water out. For about a week didn't know what to do and i found this website. I read and watch the video on what to do when your engine flooded. Do you think the inside rusted already?

Good news i got it started w/ one spark plug in the closest to the front and grounded the other spark plug wire. It crank started so i put the water hose in n notice grey smoke coming out which i have no idea if that normal pull the water hose out n turn off the engine. I left it running for 2mins and rest for about 5mins. After I tried the same process putting spark plug in the other cylinder leaving one cylinder w/o a spark plug and grounding one wire. Did not crank just click pause click pause click. So i went back to the other way how it did crank and it work. But after the third time now it just doesnt crank at alll. I kept repeating the steps because i could never get it crank with two spark plugs in it. Either way it doesn't turn on or nothing shoots out of the engine.

All i hear is Beep Beep Beep so then i did what i saw on a thread. Push the start button 5xs and put the key and press start. There was 2beeps short beep and a long beep.

Oh while i was cranking it up i was spraying fog solution in the spark plug holes n also the carbuerators. Well not the carbureators b/c i can't get the flame arrestors off so i spread thru the lil holes.


The things I've done to get it started the first time was bought new Battery and new spark plugs. Do you think the startor is out? or replace spark plugs again or what could it be?
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