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Hey searched forums, and i think i know the issue just a few questions. I just purchased a 97 stx 1100 with 41 hours on it, and this is all new to me, my first ski. It has a little issue starting, it takes awhile, but once i get it going its fine. Now when im idling, if i just get on the throttle it stalls out. I kinda have to play with the throttle and get up to about 10 - 12 mph, and when i get it going its great. Got up to 54 on rough water. Compression is good, new feul filter, fresh gas, new spark plugs. From what i can find it looks like i need to do a carb clean. Does this sound about right? If it is the carbs, and they need cleaned, is it hard to do? should i get the service manual? can i just run carb cleaner through the gas? should i get a carb rebuild kit?

Also on another note, i hear that ethanol in the gas is causing the carbs to foul up, so should i pay more for the ethanol free gas at the marina or just use an additive?

Sorry its a lot of questions, but figured i would cover it all in one post. Any help would be great thanks
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