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Hi, new to this forum, and new to owning a jet-ski.

I have a 97 wave venture 760 twin carb that has only 30hrs on it. I took it out twice, worked great, got up to 45mph no problem. I let it sit for about 3 weeks and took to a lake, and tried turning it on, it turned over, but did not start. I tried letting it sit four an hour in case it was flooded, but no luck. Kept trying until battery died.

So, I bought a sealed new battery a week later and went out again, played with the choke for about 5 minutes until it hesitantly started, once it was on I could turn it of and on for that day. The display was ON but frozen on 0mph, gas gauge was full all day. The wave runner worked fine for a couple of hours of playing on the water, but the display was locked.

I did some research online an all I could find was different ways to unlock your waverunner, especially after removing the battery, which I did when I replaced the dead one. My display has NO mode button, NO buttons at all.

To summarize my question, How do I unlock my display/waverunner with NO buttons?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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