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Just picked up a 97 Xp 800, took it out last week, ran terrible. Ran some redline fuel cleaner through it...(thinking," try the Redline before the carb re-build")....and it worked !!. Now it runs (this weekend) at about 90%. It still seems like its just a touch rich?

The XP is awesome, showroom condition, the girl (said) she only used it 1-2 times a year for a couple of hours each time (est. 50hrs +/-) I believe it! Its like it was just un-crated.

This ski had Indiana tags on it, and Indiana cant be more than a 1000ft elevation. Im in Reno, Nevada and the lakes I run are 4000 - 6000ft. Did these skis come jetted for dealer location?

Is there a site somewhere that specializes in specific details on the 787 motor, such as jetting per altitude, compression numbers, tricks on fine tuning, and after market stuff ? I really dont want to bug everyone with 50 questions !

Thanks for any direction or input,

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