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97 XP Seadoo dead

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While riding the jet ski yesterday it just stopped dead in the water.
Found the 5 amp fuse is blown.
Replaced fuse but it blew the instant it was inserted.:mad:
Any clues as to what is causing this.
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u have a short
u need to check all your wiring for bad ground or corrosion
I have unplugged every connector in the ski and the fuse does not blow.
Started plugging in connectors and the fuse blows when the plug ti the alternator is plugged in.
Tested for shorts and found nothing.
I did measure 12 volts on the black ground wire coming from the ecu that goes to the alternator. I don't think that should be right.
With the alternator plug disconnected I put in a new fuse and it did not blow.
Jumpered the black ground wire to ground and the fuse blows.
Do you think the ecu may be dead:dunno:
Hi mate my seadoo gsx has done exactly the same thing. I have two jetskis so in the end after lots of tests I tryed the ecu from the other ski and it works fine. So it is a dead ecu mate. Mine was caused because the main earth cable snapped I replaced it and then it just popped fuses like yours everytime.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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