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Greetings all,

I'm a rookie Waverunner enthusiast and having some trouble with my 1200xl. After I took a sharp 180 degree turn at low speed and went to high rpm to plain out again, the steering became extremely stiff. Also, 7,000 RPM would only get you about 15mph. The boat sat a little sideways all the way back to the dock. Once I got it back to the dock area I noticed that the steering would become normal again at idle, reverse worked fine, but high power the boat would only do about 15, wouldn't plain out, and the steering was very stiff. The engine itselfs seems to be running well, minus a little backfiring at about 3,000 rpm.
I took a good look at the jet pump and didn't see anything wrapped around the shaft or impellor, I started it up on the trailer and noticed the impellor shaft was moving side to side a little bit while running at idle. Also, I can here a knocking/clanking sound coming from that area. I'm thinking this sounds like a problem in the intermediate housing area, possibly the coupling? I've also assumed that it's not a steering problem, because it functions ok at low power and I don't here any binding in the cables.
Any thoughts or suggestions would certainly be appreciated. Thanks.
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