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I'm new to the forum and would normally search for the answers to these questions. But I might buy this ski tomorrow because of the price so I need answers now. It's a 98 kawi 750 ss, the guy said the carbs need to be cleaned, it needs a paint job, and the battery is dead. I don't care about the paint. I'll clean it up on my own. I'm not too worried about the carbs because I rode dirtbikes for years and I'm handy with carbs.

My questions are:
How reliable are these skis in general?
where is the best place to get a carb rebuild kit and how much do they normally cost?
What should I look out for when looking over the ski before I buy it?
How do I check to see how well it runs? I'm new to jetskis and I know they are water cooled. Is there a way to dry start them not being in the water without damaging the engine?
Do I have to get insurance on this thing for New Jersey?
Anything in general that I should know when buying a ski?

Thanks for any help and I need answers asap cause I know this thing isn't going to for sale after tomorrow because of the price.
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