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98 GP 760 warning lights flashing

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Hey gang, new to the forum,trying to pinpoint the possible prob with the ski i just purchased.Took it out on lake today for first spin,entered code to start it,np.very hard to get started,acts way too rich as it was flooded or appeared flooded,finally after holding throttle half-way it started.Whole time i ran it(15 min)little red light blinking and digital guage kept flashing VOLT/FUEL,it had full tank of fuel,full oil,fairly good battery,been sitting since spring so it was down on charge a bit. Any clues on where to start? thanks.
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time to check charging circuit
time for a tune up
ok, volt meter flashing went out on its own,i assume maybe battery was down a bit,after running it for 20 mins or so its out,and a new problem arrived.Water temp flashing,and i thought it looked to be sitting low in the water,pulled it in to shore and took off the seat,enging was 50% submersed in hot water.pulled it up on the trailer,drained it.put plugs back in, went for another 2 min ride,light was out then came right back on,pulled in again, another 3 gallons in engine and battery comp.Hot water.Pulled on to my trailer,checked the bottom for cracks/holes,nothing,gotta be a hose off the engine came off or something,any clue where to start? or has anyone ran across this before?The engine is a brand new drop in from SBT,the owner said he has ran it about 10 hours since then.
Hook up cooling hose and run engine on shore

Do you see water spitting out anywhere? Should see something gushing w/ that much water in that short amount of time.

Also check to make sure your bilge filter is not clogged. Check the hose going all the way to the jet nozzle too.
you need to start it u on the trailer and look for leaks
Thanks for clues guys,put it in the water on the trailer tonite,seat off,started it up,theres a hose comming off bottom of exhaust manifold, heading towards the Hull partition,its just hanging there spitting out water,looked and looked, can,t see anywhere for it to hook on without dissasembling the entire exhaust.the hose is approx 1/2" black rubber with shield over it.It has a 90 degree angle on the end and small marks like it did have a hose clamp once upon a time,just can,t see where it goes on so took it to the Polaris dealer,hopefully they can find a cooling hose routing diagram somewheres.BTW can these yamaha's be run out of water without damage like the polaris's? Because there no wheres near water at the shop.Also whats the little hose adapter sticking up under the rear seat,looks like a garden hose fitting but its too small,prob 1/2" instead of 3/4 i'm guessing.
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