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98' gp1200 blown motor

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Hey you all,
I figured I can use all the help I can get! Due to the zip tie connection on the automatic oiler comming off.. it in turn caused the piston and and the conecting rod to disinigrate!! It also cracked the upper and lower engine case.....
I think that the crank might be OK, but can the connecting rod be replaced or do they come with a new crank??
I am sure I will be better off finding another motor..?? Maybee one with head damage..???
Apreciate any help on this!!

Mr. B
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Well no response to my post as yet.. It looks like my best bet is to buy a motor from for $999.99.. If anyone knows of cheaper way to go please let me know!
Did you get an answer yet, I am new here and can help.
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