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98 GP1200W and I just rebuilt my carbs. Everything seemed fine during rebuilds - seemed straight forward with no issues.

Ready to fire up so I hooked my flush hose to it and ran it while on the trailer in the driveway. Couple of primes and it fired right up and seemed to run strong (hard to tell not in water with no load) anyway.........

After I ran it a few minutes I turned the main gas shut off valve to off and ran it out of gas and then I rolled it back into garage....few hours later I went back into garage and I notice heavy gas smell and there seems to be some raw gas in bottom of hull. Any ideas of why this might be?

I hope its nothing with the carb rebuild (as mentioned it was straight forward and I took pictures of my dis-assy and followed directions at re-assy).

I am fairly certain I connected all of the gas lines etc. Any ideas on what I should be looking for?

Thanks. Mac
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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