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98 GSX LTD Question

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New to the site and have questions.

What is the difference between a 1998 GSX LTD model 5625 and 5629/5845? I need to order an engine gasket set and they have different part numbers according to my manual. Where is a reputable place to buy a quality set other than the stealer? Thanks in advance!
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im pretty sure a 951 engine is a 951 engine no matter the year of the engine...except maybe a fuel injection one..

you can try they sell gaskets for that
I did some research on this today the GSX LTD model 5625 was actually a 97 model that got introduced mid-year so they called it a 98. It doesn't even show up in the 97 maintanance manual. Models 5629 / 5845 are the GSX LTD for 98.
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